#PSPfit is an online, body-positive, fitness and clean eating bootcamp founded by "Plus Size Princess" CeCe Olisa that promotes "healthy curves at every size." I was commissioned to design the logo and branding materials, and design and develop the website, including a onepage-style landing and join page, as well as a Wordpress theme for the members-only side.

#PSPfit emphasizes health over pounds or inches lost, and couples health with self-acceptance and love--I kept those themes in mind for the identity. I wanted to stay away from any imagery that suggested a scale or numbers. Love kept resonating overall, so the logomark is almost entirely comprised of overlapping hearts and the whitespace created thusly to form a curvy torso wearing an award ribbon--implying achievement and victory.

#PSPfit logo:

#pspfit (logo)

#PSPfit; various devices:

#pspfit (devices)

#PSPfit onepage:

#pspfit (homepage)

#PSPfit member area:

#pspfit (members)

#PSPfit letterhead/pdf templates:

#pspfit (letterhead)

#PSPfit style guide:

#pspfit style guide

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