Durand Bernarr is an extraordinarily gifted singer and songwriter from Cleveland, OH. Durand first gained notoriety on YouTube as "AlcoholHarmony" where he amassed a legion of fans addicted to his multi-octave range, effortless falsetto, and flawless runs. His mixtapes would eventually make a fan of Erykah Badu, who tracked him down onlinein 2011 and invited him to join her band Neda Stella as a background vocalist.

In Q1 of 2016 Durand and his team were in the beginning stages of planning an EP release and tour. My name was tossed in the ring to lead creative by Booking Manager Keya Maeesha--a close friend I'd worked with several times before on her concert series "Date Night." I was familiar with Durand's music, loved it (especially his cover of J*DaVeY's "Hi Sun"), and had met him years ago through other mutual friends, so working with him was an advantageous prospect.

One of me and Durand's earliest conversations revolved around his aesthetic style and the reocurring visual themes he's drawn to. His affinity for the color yellow stood out the most, but his list also included "sunflowers, vintage audio equipment (record players, cassette tapes), jellyfish, rain, and mountains." Despite these items seeming extremely, comically random, it made clear that Durand's brain is one big experimental collage--much like mine is. A match made in heaven.

The first website in years keeping Durand's fans (#RandClan) updated on the most pertinent news, tour dates, and new music; a cover and booklet design for the Sound Check EP (digital and physical); publicity photos and headshots a'plenty; merch--welcome the new, cohesively branded Durand era. And this is just the beginning.

Durandbernarr.com; various devices
Durand Bernarr

Every now and again you'll come across someone where the business low key turns into family and that's one of those golden moments I experienced with Huny. I automatically took her word for stuff... sometimes. I can't say I haven't given her a hard time, haha. But that also came with understanding she really knows what she's doing--the final product of my project came out EXCELLENT. I'd definitely recommend her eye and dedication to her clients. She's gone above and beyond because she's that passionate about what she does.

Something she and I have in common.

--Durand Bernarr
Durandbernarr.com; homepage
Durand Bernarr
Durandbernarr.com; homepage walkthrough
Durandbernarr.com; tablet views
Durand Bernarr
Durandbernarr.com; mobile walkthrough
Durandbernarr.com; mobile views
Durand Bernarr
Sound Check EP package

Remember the color yellow, sunflowers, and vintage audio equipment? I took that unique wishlist of Durand's seriously when designing the Sound Check EP packaging. The original concept Durand and team had in mind before I came on board was a simple one--just a microphone illuminated by a single spotlight--but after previewing the album's tracks I began assembling something more abstract and artistic in my head. Experimental. Happily, Durand loved the direction and the resulting package is instantly recognizable and undeniably unique.

"Fly on the Wall" single
Durand Bernarr
The Full Effect Tour; look book & publicity photos

After chatting on the phone, texting, and sharing inspo on Pinterest for a few weeks, Durand, his manager/dad Bernarr Ferebee, Keya, and I finally met in Washington, DC for Durand's show at Old Engine 12 and the photoshoot for his tour and EP. I put my stylist hat on, we shopped, and I pulled some pieces to compliment the look we established via moodboard. It even took us a second outing, the morning of shoot day, to find the perfect black fedora (Georgetown came through). We shot at Leo Villareal: Multiverse (National Gallery of Art) and an event space called Blind Whino.

Durand Bernarr; moodboard
Durand Bernarr
Durand Bernarr; promo clip

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