The Curvy Fashionista, founded in 2008 by blogger and entrepreneur Marie Denee, is a top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle online destination for plus sized woman--I like to refer to TCF as the plus sized Refinery 29. With hundreds of thousands of visitors, social media followers, and subscribers, redesigning this very recognizable and well loved brand was no small task.

The website was running on the Genesis theme for Wordpress with over 50 plugins and add-ons, which was slowing the site down immensely and bloating the WP installation as well. The new theme that I designed and developed has the vast majority of features, bells, and whistles she was relying on all those plugins to do built in seamlessly by better utilizing WP's core functionality. I also suggested new features (i.e. the "trending" bar) to the site and had a great deal of input on the new site map. The end result has been widely praised; the feedback incredible. The bounce rate has reduced considerably with strategic placement of additional, related content to keep users engaged, and click-throughs on the newsletter have more than doubled.

huny is a beast with design. She takes your vision and ideas and makes them into reality- only better. She takes the time to understand your brand’s vision, vibe, and aesthetic and gets it. I have never worked with anyone who has been able to develop a design so in step with my vision before. Not only did she deliver, she exceeded expectations, ideas, and thoughts. All while being patient, through, and on top of an y glitches or bugs that we had to work out.
I have already hired her for my projects for the year. She is THAT GOOD.
Marie Denee, EIC

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More Projects

PF/PCA Education

Marketing, public relations, project management, social media content creation, graphic design, and photography for a non-profit arts organization's visual arts schools and fellowship programs.

Black Youth Project

UX/UI design, front end dev, and a custom Wordpress theme for an online platform that highlights the voices, experiences, and ideas of Black youth ages 18-30.

Durand Bernarr

Creative Direction, styling, photography, EP booklet design, UX/UI design, front end dev, and a custom Wordpress theme for singer/songwriter and Erykah Badu background vocalist Durand Bernarr.

Carnegie Art Associates

Marketing, PR, consulting, and art direction as an executive board member for a new membership and programming tier at Carnegie Museum of Art.

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