The Women's Freedom Conference was a 12-hour event that livestreamed worldwide October 25, 2015 that centered women of color–-our successes, concerns, work, activism, magic, and our very existence. Every minute of the conference, the vast majority of it being facilitated online via online chats, webinars, video shorts, and digital panels, with an evening keynote broadcasting from The New School in NY, NY, was available to anyone with an internet connection around the world. I served as Creative and Tech Director of this monumental effort, which boasted speakers, volunteers, and participants from five different continents and over a dozen countries. On the day of the event the official hashtag, #WFC2015, trended #1 in the United Stats for 2 hours 45 minutes (and ranked #30 for the entire day) and #1 in Canada for 1 hour 25 minutes. With an average of nearly 1,800 tweets per hour reaching over half a million accounts and making over 680,000 impressions per hour during peak trending hours, the conference was a resounding success on social media. I was immeasurably proud to be a part of such an impactful event.

The #WFC2015 aesthetic was inspired by vintage graphic novels. A bold, bright color palette, halftone dot overlays to duplicate the printing style of old-school comics, and thick black outlines to mimic comic book panels. We assembled a team of (super)heroines so it seemed more than apropos.

In addition to designing the logo, website, media kit, infographics, t-shirts, and badges, my duties also included: a. developing the gateway that allowed us to present livestreaming video, pre-recorded video, hashtagged Twitter chats and more as a cohesive experience on the #WFC2015 website on the day of the event (an achievement that was lauded by; and b. working with the conference's corporate sponsors to ensure all needs were met from a creative and branding perspective.

Women’s Freedom Conference logo
Women's Freedom Conference logos

On the day of the conference, 10/25/15, the standard Women's Freedom Conference logo switched over to the "live" version.

Women's Freedom Conference homepage
Women's Freedom Conference
Women's Freedom Conference live watch page
Women's Freedom Conference LIVE

The watch center consisted of a twitter feed that pulled in the official Women's Freedom Conference hashtags (#WFC2015 and #WFC2015Scope), the schedule, and a video area that could toggle between the livestream, the Freestyle chats on-demand, and the webinars. The "Now Playing" area under the livestream updated for each segment (via ajax refresh) with the time, title, presenter name(s), summary, transcripts (most were available in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese), and share to social media links. The entire backend was done in Wordpress with Advanced Custom Fields and custom post types.

Women's Freedom Conference; tablet views
Women’s Freedom Conference
Women's Freedom Conference homepage; mobile
Women's Freedom Conference (mobile)
Women's Freedom Conference Sponsorship Kit
Women's Freedom Conference; replay

The entire 12 hours of the inaugural Women's Freedom Conference as it streamed on October 25, 2015.

Women's Freedom Conference commemorative t-shirt
Women’s Freedom Conference
Attendee Snapshots

During the live broadcast, some of the "attendees" took photos of their computers and tablets as they were tuned in throughout the day. It was extremely satisfying to see my work in other people's homes in that particular way; to witness the conference being integrated into their lives.

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